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 when considering case against DJ



Yesterday, Travis's lawyer told the court the star is the victim of a witch hunt because of a failure to catch paedophile Jimmy Savile.


The former DJ's accusers came forward in the wake of the scandal, the court heard.


His lawyer Stephen Vullo said there is no justice in hounding Travis, 68, about alleged sex abuse "to make us feel better about missing Savile" and added: "This has been a bit of a witch hunt."


Mr Vullo added: "What you can't do is look at the numbers in this case and say if we stack them up maybe we will get over the line."


Prosecutor Miranda Moore QC said Travis told a "whopper" by denying he fondled a BBC clerk. She told Southwark crown court: "The proper verdict is guilty."


Jurors have been told by the judge that they must disregard the verdicts of the Bill Roache trial and not be influenced by sex offence allegations against other celebrities.


Judge Anthony Leonard told jurors to forget he is famous as they deliberate their verdicts.


The judge said: "You won't be unaware that the Jimmy Savile inquiry has spawned a number of inquiries into various people who were well known in the 1970s and beyond.


"During the course of this trial alone Rolf Harris has appeared here and of course Bill Roache has been tried elsewhere.


"The verdicts of the jury in the Bill Roache trial are all irrelevant to your consideration of this case.


"There is no such thing as guilty or innocence by association.


"You have no way of assessing the strengths or weaknesses of any other investigations but you can in this trial."


Coronation Street star Roache was yesterday found not guilty of two counts of rape and four charges of indecent assault following a trial at Preston Crown Court.


Australian entertainer Harris pleaded not guilty to 12 counts of indecent assault when he appeared in court last month.


Judge Leonard told jurors they must ignore those cases along with any media reports about Travis's well publicised trial.


"You are trying allegations of historic sexual assaults against someone who, as I say, has been in the public eye for many years," he told them.


"The fact that the defendant is a well known personality does not change the rules of the way that you Wholesale NBA Jerseys from china try this case.


"You must not allow yourselves to be overawed or deflated Wholesale NFL Jerseys by the interest that this case has attracted."


Judge Leonard said the trial had looked back at a time when things were different.


He told jurors: "There is a lot that has been said during this trial about NBA Jerseys china the attitudes to sexual offences in the 70s, 80s and perhaps the 90s and now.


"It may be that attitudes of men and women in the work place have changed and that behaviour once thought acceptable is no wholesale jerseys longer tolerated.


"It may be that more women are less likely to put up with such behaviour and they have more efficient channels to deal with them.


"But this trial is not the cheap nfl jerseys china place for a debate about changing attitudes towards sexual offences committed in the work place."


Judge Leonard said many of the alleged offences "took place a long time ago".


"It follows that memories will fade or disappear altogether," he said.


"In addition, these offences are alleged to have cheap NBA Jerseys china happened at a time when the defendant had a very successful career and a full agenda of appearances spread across the country."


The judge told jurors that after he has summed up the case and sends them to Cheap Jerseys deliberate their verdicts "you then decide what evidence you accept as truthful and accurate and what evidence you reject as unreliable.


"It is your judgment alone that counts."


Summing up the case, Judge Leonard reminded jurors that the majority of the alleged victims came forward after Travis's initial arrest was reported in the press.

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