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 Why is Everyone So Obsessed with Her



Kim Kardashian's Ride to FameKim Kardashian is enjoying insurmountable success on the cusp of her life and career. After all, she recently wedded NBA's New Jersey Nets player, Kris Humphries, in an extravagant wedding covered by all major entertainment news sources.


"Who IS that girl?" was the question most asked about Kim Kardashian when she was first spotted with then gal pal Paris Hilton. Maybe it was from this moment on when the world began to obsess over Kim Kardashian. cheap oakleys sunglasses It's a simple matter of association, really: Tag along with someone famous, get spotted together often enough and voil, instant celebrity status. In addition, her deceased dad represented OJ Simpson, her stepdad is an cheap fake oakleys Olympian and, oh yeah, she's a contributor to an infamous sexy time tape with Ray J.


Was the sex tape a purposeful move to heighten media attention? After all, it certainly replica oakleys didn't hurt Paris Hilton's popularity in the press. Her reputation, though, remains a different story. Or was the Kardashian sex tape an accident of epic proportions? Kim can be seen weeping on one episode of KUWTK when a similar issue was brought up. The truth may never be revealed, but it is undeniable that it did have a positive effect on her celebrity career. Personally, I am very impressed with buy fake oakleys the Kardashian clan's ability to capitalize on and manipulate media vultures to gain the fame that they have today.


An Unexplainable Obsession ExplainedNow let's get on with the main point of this article: Why are we so obsessed with Kim Kardashian?


To help answer this question, let's take a moment to discuss the catalyst that has allowed Kim to thrive. Never before has being rich and famous become so seemingly achievable. The age cheaper oakleys of mass media gives us access to a widespread audience like never before. Post one viral video of yourself on YouTube one day and make international headlines the next (see also: Rebecca Black). Kim Kardashian serves as the epitome of this very notion. Aside from her beauty, she really has no discernable talent. Her almost overnight rise to stardom rests solely on her ability to market herself as someone worthy of your attention, even though she never really shows you why. She scratches an itch deep in our subconscious by being rich and famous for absolutely no good reason.


Imagine for just a quick moment how nice it would be to get paid for appearing in the tabloids while you're out shopping or dining. Now imagine how nice it would be to have a television show starring guess who? you. All you have to do buy fake oakleys store is be yourself! That is the secret. Kim Kardashian is a physical manifestation of our discounted oakleys desire to become rich and famous for just being ourselves.


Every time we see Kim Kardashian on a gossip blog, on a television commercial, in the discount oakleys magazines, we're not really seeing Kim Kardashian. We're seeing ourselves. Our brain releases endorphins that make us feel good, and we experience euphoria. These euphoric feelings, overtime, become associated with Kim Kardashian and everything related to Kim Kardashian. Think for a second how you learned to love your mother. Chances are, you develop love for your mother over time from being cheap oakleys fed, bathed and loved. Though Kim Kardashian does none of these things for us, she enables us to love ourselves and we transform that into adoration for her.


You be might inclined to ask, "If all of this is true, then why are we not as obsessed with other celebrities?" Good observation, but let's backtrack a bit. Remember when I talked about the catalyst which enabled Kim Kardashian to become famous? It still applies. Remember that Kim quickly rose to fame without possessing very much talent. Despite being relatively talentless, she keeps the cameras on herself thanks to her personality. She's famous for being herself. I honestly can't name very many other celebrities who have gained as much fame as Kim Kardashian simply for being themselves. Paris Hilton comes to mind, but she's happily been replaced by Kim.


And there you have it, I've made the impossible possible: the truth behind Kim Kardashian's success has been deciphered. Just when you think there can't possibly be an explanation for something as perplexing as Kim's fame, huh?


Let's continue to keep an eye on Kim Kardashian to see what's written on the next page of our life's story.


obsessed 3 years ago


Good article. The fake oakleys obsessions is beginning to wane, thank heavens. One things I do not understand is why The Daily Mail is obsessed with this woman it's not even an US newspaper (use that term lightly). They run 5 10 article per day with heavy headline like "Kim blinks" While DM allows comments they are heavily monitored and while comments show reader's objections to these articles, they continue. Beats me. I've dropped DM and moved on because of this weird obsession with the Kardashians.

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